About Cotillion


A long Southern tradition, Cotillion is a social club for preteens and teens that is centered on etiquette, manners and social interaction. Different organizations offer a variety of interaction from ballroom dancing and table manners to more modern lessons like social media etiquette.

About The Baton Rouge Cotillion

Founded in 1975, The Baton Rouge Cotillion is a non-profit organization comprised of approximately 900 members in grades 7th-12th. The Baton Rouge Cotillion membership is made up of students from approx. 20 schools in Baton Rouge. Junior Cotillion (7th and 8th Grade) participates in etiquette and dance lessons as well as social events throughout the school year. Senior Cotillion (9th-12th grade) members have social events throughout the school year.

How to Join

Each year in January, The Baton Rouge Cotillion membership proposes new members who are then selected through a lottery. If you are interested in membership but do not know a current member that can propose you, please contact our Membership Chair: membership@thebatonrougecotillion.org



For any inquiries regarding your online account, or are having trouble logging in, please contact webmaster@thebatonrougecotillion.org


For general questions regarding The Baton Rouge Cotillion, please contact our president at president@thebatonrougecotillion.org

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